The Sinking Hulk ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author: Narayani


4/23/20231 min read

First I like to thank the TSH team for asking if I could ARC-read this book and provide me with a copy.

The Book is written as verse poetry. It's telling a story of teenage trauma and mental health struggles. Please be aware that there is mention of sexual assault!!

Teenagers and young adults can easily relate to the struggles and adults/ parents can have a peek into the headspace of children. The story is touching and you feel the emotion of the elder sister (who went through trauma as a young girl) and notice her younger brother is struggling. The fear of telling you struggle, shame or not wanting to be a burden is very real, even now.

I liked how the writer opened the book and you have the chance to dedicate the book to someone you want. The end of the book ends with a professional look into mental health by a professional, a message to teenagers and to parents. Although the message to the parents is good and parents should make time for quality time with their kids, it's not just working for nonsense. Parents now a day are under pressure as well just providing and hopefully give their children the chance of doing what they want.

There were some editing issues but after feedback was given, the editing team would take care of them. The writers writing style is very special and I am curious about what will be next for her.