Hi, I’m Tali.

I’m a professional editor, avid reader, and writer with a passion for storytelling, world-building, character development, and grammar.

As an editor, I want to be your partner and the reader’s advocate. My goal is to help you produce the best possible finished product for a wide audience of readers to enjoy. My process is compassionate and collaborative, and my approach is straightforward and thorough.

With my Editorial Skills and Creative Writing certifications, I can apply various skill sets to developmental editing, manuscript evaluation, copyediting, and proofreading.

I love to work on a variety of genres, and I read diversely and widely to ensure that I am familiar with story structures, styles, and standards within each genre.

When I’m not editing, I am working on my novel (work in progress), reading, walking my three dogs while listening to podcasts and books, updating my Goodreads and Instagram, crafting, and trying to keep my house in order (also a work in progress).

All this is made possible by my supportive family and copious amounts of coffee.

Meet Tali

Conscious and Inclusive Language Editor

Conscious language promotes inclusivity and respect by carefully selecting idioms, phrases, and terminology that are sensitive to all demographics. It aims to prevent unintentional alienation or dehumanization of readers through mindful language choices.