I am Michele.

I grew up in Michigan and spent lots of time driving between there and my grandparents' place in Florida. In 2017, we moved cross country to Seattle for three years and currently live in Southern California. I love a good road trip and enjoy seeing what the different states have to offer.

I've always had a passion for movies, music, and live theater. I've worked backstage, performed on stage, and been the house manager for a show at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. I also studied screenwriting for several years and believe that gives me a unique perspective when writing a fictional tale.

I enjoy reading a variety of genres, including romance, magical realism, mystery, historical, YA, and fantasy. On the non-fiction side, I've spent years exploring Indigenous culture, ceremony, and storytelling. In addition, I found myself reading about plants, herbal cures, homeopathy, crystals, and just about any self-help and new-age books I could find.

Great stories are all around us, and books are the window into that world. As independent authors, my husband and I work full-time at crafting fascinating adventures for our readers. We've self-published six short stories and written twelve more, plus a five-book series, we hope to release soon.

Behind the scenes, I handle our editing, formatting, cover designs, social media presence, and marketing, which includes Amazon ads and A+ content, plus manage the ARC teams. So, I understand the struggles and triumphs of learning how to navigate the world of indie publishing. The nice thing is, with Safe Haven Publishing, you don't have to do it on your own. Let's talk about your project and create something phenomenal together.

Meet Michele