Meet Lillia


My name is Lillia and I am an African American content creator and bookstagrammer.

I have been in the bookish community for quite a long time. Along the way, I have made tons of content and bookish friends. I have made my living on Instagram and my bookish blog mainly, and gradually moving towards YouTube for my bookish reviews.

My favorite books to read are fantasy, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and monster romances.

A little more about me is that I love working with children as well so sometimes I can be a little energized and upbeat as well as caring and sweet.

I have two cats and a ferret I tend to at home as my own little children. I'm pretty open to anything and love to work with people.

We offer sensitivity readings that provide in-depth analysis and insightful feedback. Our priority is to promote awareness and understanding by ensuring that we handle language and representation with sensitivity and cultural competence.

Lillia specializes in providing thorough and insightful sensitivity readings, and conscious language about the following subjects:

Sensitivity Reader

African American Culture

Children with autism

mental health