I'm Deb, founder and CEO of SafeHaven Publishing

My love for writing books and screenplays has been a lifelong passion. As a child, reading was my escape from the difficulties of reality. The moment I stepped into a library as a young child, I knew I had found my sanctuary. Performances in musical theatre provided another escape and led me to a specialised school for Performing Arts, Arts, Movie Making and Creative Writing. You can read more about my early life and education in my Blog.

I am a mother to two amazing adult children and a grandson who holds my heart in his tiny hands. They light up my world and bring boundless joy to my life. My Australian husband's love for cricket gives me the perfect excuse to indulge in my favourite pastime - reading. Our simple life in a quiet ocean town is all I need and want.

There's nothing quite like the simple pleasures of reading a book on the beach with the sound of the ocean as my soundtrack. I still find joy in dancing, singing, and being creative by designing bookmarks, stickers, book covers, and more.

One of the most rewarding parts of my life is working closely with indie authors. Helping writers navigate their creative paths brings me pure joy and fulfilment. From brainstorming ideas to providing guidance and editing their stories to perfection, I am deeply invested in every aspect of their journey. Being a part of crafting new worlds alongside talented authors is not just a job for me - it's a calling. I firmly believe that when you have a genuine love for what you do, it's not work at all.

Meet Deb

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault

Child Abuse


from a professional perspective :


Veterans/ Army

Mental Health

forensic psychology and behavioural analysis

Law Enforcement

Missing Persons/ Cold Cases/ Homicide

We offer sensitivity readings that provide in-depth analysis and insightful feedback. Our priority is to promote awareness and understanding by ensuring that we handle language and representation with sensitivity and cultural competence.

Deb specializes in providing thorough and insightful sensitivity readings, and conscious language about the following subjects:

Sensitivity Reader