Anne of Green Gables ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author: L.M. Montgomery


5/1/20232 min read

Summary: Eleven-year-old Anne Shirley has never known a real home. Since her parents' deaths, she's bounced around to foster homes and orphanages. When she is sent by mistake to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert at the snug white farmhouse called Green Gables, she wants to stay forever. But Anne is not the sturdy boy Matthew and Marilla were expecting.
She's a mischievous, talkative redheaded girl with a fierce temper, who tumbles into one scrape after another. Anne is not like anybody else, the Cuthberts agree; she is special, a girl with an enormous imagination. All she's ever wanted is to belong somewhere. And the longer she stays at Green Gables, the harder it is for anyone to imagine life without her.

Review: Anne (spelled with an e) Shirley, is an eleven-year-old orphan, who has a rich fantasy life. Although her life as an orphan is hard, she stays optimistic and generous. Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are unmarried siblings at age, who live on their farm, Green Gables, in the quiet town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Cuthberts decide to adopt an orphan boy to help Matthew on the farm. When Matthew arrives at the train station he finds Anne instead of a boy; the orphanage had sent Anne by mistake. Anne’s spirit charms Matthew. Anne tells Matthew that she can live in her fantasy world, but can't see anything else than her red hair. “Which would you rather be if you had the choice--divinely beautiful or dazzlingly clever or angelically good?” Marilla wants to send Anne back to the orphanage and get a boy, but Mathew likes to keep her. Marilla hesitates at first but lets Anne stay for a trial period. Anne lacks social graces and because Anne acts according to her instincts, she finds herself in trouble multiple times. She screams at Mrs Rachel Lynn (the town gossip) for making fun of her red hair and hit her classmate Gilbert on his head with a slate when he calls her carrot. Anne tries hard to oblige Marilla and follow her rules of social conduct but is most of the time struggling with it. Anne is an exceptional student and it takes the rivalry between her and Gilbert to another level. Anne finds her 'bosom friend' in Diane and calls her her kindred spirit. Their friendship is one of the most iconic friendships ever written. Anne of Green Gables will let you fall in love with the characters. Anne takes you by the hand and leads you through her imaginary world, which is described beautifully. Anne of Green Gables is officially a children's book, but in my opinion, it is a slow-burning romance as well. You can't ignore the tension between her and Gilbert and you desperately hope that Anne will shake her stubbornness. Because Anne is far from perfect it is easy to relate to her. The book made me laugh out loud and even cry. It is a must-read for teenagers, young adults and adults.