Meet Alis


I am, and always have been an avid reader of books. I also love art and if you don’t find me reading, I can be found wandering through the halls of an art gallery, captivated by the paintings that I think tell a story through the strokes of a brush.

My favourite genres are Historical Fiction, Crime, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, and action-adventure books. However, recently I have read a few fantasy books that I loved and am open to exploring new genres to discover hidden gems. I find inspiration and adventure within the pages of books. For me, there is inexplicable magic in immersing myself in different worlds, experiencing different lives and discovering the immense imagination of different writers. Each story that I read offers me a unique way of viewing the world and I love spreading the word to everyone I can through my book blog and social media.

I have had lots of experience as an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) reviewer, where I relished reading upcoming releases, offering insights and reviews to aid both authors and fellow readers.

As a natural progression, I have moved to being a dedicated beta reader, I am looking forward to the opportunity to provide constructive feedback and support to authors during the creative process, and I aim to ensure that their stories resonate deeply with readers and stand as testament to your talent and vision.

I think my love for reading extends beyond just enjoyment, it fuels my passion to support you as an indie author, I have a high regard for the work that goes into getting a book published. By championing you as an author I aim to help in contributing to the wonderful world of storytelling, and hopefully, to help amplify your voices that might otherwise go unheard. Through my support I hope, in some small way, to help you as an indie author reach a wider audience, to foster a community where creativity thrives, and the stories told reach the hearts and minds of other readers everywhere.

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